Contact Healing - £40

Chakra Healing - £40

Contact & Chakra Combined - £65

These prices are per session - I recommend a total of 9 sessions to receive the full effect of the healing.

Prices are limited to a 10-mile radius of Solihull. Outside of this area would incur additional travel expenses.







Herbs Alive is my own unique blended mix of natural herbs. These are blended for you to take on a daily basis (roughly half a teaspoon per serving), in hot water, on a salad or in a cup of soup or bowl of soup.

Herbs Alive is best taken every day at around 11 am. A continued daily consumption will show positive effects on your health condition in around 9 months, after this period, the dose should be reduced to once every three days to maintain your health.

I am currently offering a bag of Herbs Alive for £20. Please see the online shop.

I also offer a supply or various crystals that are specially selected for you.

  • Quartz crystals for you to keep on your person

  • Quartz crystals for healthy drinking water.

  • Lapis Lazuli crystals can be selected and programmed to help cleanse your chakras.

  • Selenite Crystals assist students with focus.

Please see the online shop.