I consider every one of you my family and family look out for one another.

I am here to help look after your health, I offer treatments and herbs blended by my own unique ways that are subtle but very powerful for aiding your body to become and remain healthier, giving you longevity and wellness into your old age.

I help with illnesses of all types, including terminal.

A positive mindset is a key to all healing success.

The way in which I use quartz crystals is unique to help get your health condition back to near 99.9% and with continued consumption of my herb blends, you can expect to remain healthy.


We all have energy centres called Chakras, each chakra spins in synchronization through the centre of our bodies.

Over time they can fall out of sync due to stress, poor diet, overeating & drinking, smoking and the environment etc.  These lifestyle choices and environmental effects then have an impact on the bodies ability to fight off all types of illnesses, causing a negative cycle; the stronger an illness/ailment, the weaker our chakras become, thus making it more difficult for your chakras to re-align and assist with fighting illnesses and other conditions.

After many years of research and practical experience, I have learned how to re synchronize a person’s Chakras to assist with the individuals healing process.

Using clear quartz crystal and energy channeling methods, I am able to and have helped people in a positive way with a range of illnesses and issues. This process can take up to nine months and can be conducted remotely or in person depending on someone’s circumstances.

I do not want you to see this methodology as an alternative to more traditional medicine, rather as an additional healing practice to assist with the recovery of you or your loved ones.

Get in touch now to learn more about how I can help assist you on your road to recovery.


At Crystal wellness, I am focused on maintaining a positive attitude. I strongly believe that both mental and physical disorders and or illnesses can be helped within 9 months averagely if patients fully engage in one of our health and fitness programs.


I utilize the hidden power of the quartz crystal to stimulate a positive effect on the bodies very core i.e (The Chakras). I practise a full range of healing processes with quartz crystals and have helped a number of patients overcome their ailments. Specifically, we have had amazing results with cancer patients, so much so, doctors have been left baffled.


I urge you to contact me and begin your healing process now.

I’m sending love and light to each of you that have taken the time to read my message.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Daren Adams.

Crystal Healer & Herbalist